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    Whether you are currently in the United States or
    abroad, Attorney Iman I. Abouelazm can help you
    determine the best visa for your intended visit.  
    The most common visas are:

       Business / Investor Based visas:
B1 - Business visitors
                       To participate in business or professional activities in the United States
         E1- Treaty Trader (must be a national of a treaty country)
                       To carry on substantial
trade in goods, services and technology
         E2 - Tready Investor (must be a national of a treaty country)
                       To invest in and direct the operations of a new or existing business enterprise

       F - Students
       H1B - Specialty Occupations
       J - Exchange Visitors
       K - Fiance / Fiancee
       L1A - Executives and Managers
       L1B - Those with Specialized Knowledge
       O - Those with Extraordinary Ability in the sciences, arts, education, business,  athletics
       P  - Athletic and Entertainment Groups
       R - Religious Workers

Most non-US citizens or permanent residents need a visa
to legally enter and remain in the United States for a
certain period of time determined by the US government.
Each type of visa serves its own purpose and imposes its
own conditions and restrictions.  Violation of these
conditions or restrictions may result in removal
proceedings, termination of the lawful status or a bar
from applying for admission to the United States in the

Deportation Defense

    When facing deportation, you need an aggressive,
    caring and experienced attorney who will
    passionately and zealously defend you to keep you in
    the United States.  We have years of experience
    handling complex issues related to immigration and
    naturalization, whether in Immigration Court or
    USCIS proceedings. If you or someone you care about
    has received a Notice to Appear before an
    immigration judge or an Interview Notice for USCIS,
    call our law firm today for experienced legal
    representation.  Attorney Iman I. Abouelazm, Esq.
    has the knowledge, experience and passion to help.

    Some of the most common triggers that may place
    someone  in removal proceedings include criminal
    convictions, unlawful presence, status violations
    and unlawful entry.  However, although it may seem
    that there is a clear violation of immigration law
    or that the government has a strong case, there are
    numerous legal defenses and legal techniques that
    may successfully terminate the removal proceedings
    or waive removability, allowing for legal
    immigration status.  Attorney Iman I. Abouelazm will
    pursue the possible avenues of defense to keep you
    in the United States with legal immigration status.

Criminal Issues

    Non-US Citizens, whether permanent residents holding
    a "greencard" or persons here on a visa, may face
    grave consequences affecting their immigration
    status as a result of a criminal conviction,
    regardless how trivial or simple the crime may
    seem.  Crimes such as DUI, fleeing and alluding,
    assault and battery, domestic violence, and drug
    crimes may place the defendant in removal
    proceedings.  However, based on each individual's
    circumstances, one may qualify to apply for a
    waiver, cancellation of removal, relief under the
    Convention Against Torture or Deferral or Suspension
    of Deportation, among other defenses and forms of
    relief. Attorney Iman I. Abouelazm will fight for
    her clients.

Family-based Immigration

    US Citizens or legal permanent residents may file a
    Relative Petition to give a spouse, parent, child or
    sibling legal permanent resident status.  Immediate
    relatives, including spouse, child (under 21 years
    old) or parent of a US citizen,  receive their
    immigrant visa (or greencard) immediately upon
    adjudication of the Petition.  Other beneficiaries,
    such as siblings of US citizens or the spouse of a
    legal permanent resident, must wait for a visa to
    become available as published on the monthly Visa

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